The Youth Leaders Summit is a 3-day conference designed to help Christian youth to understand better their purpose in life, identify their inherent qualities, get guidance on ministry and career options, and be equipped with relevant tools and resources to fulfill their Kingdom purpose.

Apart from helping the youth identify their purpose, the summit is a great platform for them to network with fellow youth from all over the country. There will also be sessions and opportunities for the youth to pursue ministry and secular careers with our event partners.

Mentors will not only benefit from having their youth empowered for leadership, but will also learn how to better engage and disciple their youth to become effective leaders. At the summit, mentors will be plugged into a network of youth ministry workers and learn the best practices and global trends in youth ministry.

Mentors will also be equipped with complementary tools and resources from our event partners to help them lead their youth better.

The youth we’d like to see at the summit are students and working professionals who are between 15 and 25 years of age.

Mentors are pastors, youth leaders, prayer group leaders or corporate fellowship leaders who are currently discipling youth in their church, fellowship, bible study or prayer group.

The summit has a three-fold focus – potential, passion, and purpose – with the sessions for each day being structured around each theme. This focus is geared towards enabling the youth to discover their purpose, identify their passion and unleash their potential for greater Kingdom impact.

The 3-day summit will be packed with a variety of keynote sessions, breakout sessions and small group discussions that will tie in with the theme of the day. Praise and worship sessions and cultural programs will enhance the communal experience.

Before attending the summit, we encourage our young attendees to take the SHAPE test ( and bring a printout of the results. The SHAPE test is a tool that will help the youth discover their purpose in life. At the summit, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the results and what they mean.